Who has done an led upgrade on a 2nd gen Rodeo?

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Who has done an led upgrade on a 2nd gen Rodeo?

Postby kmcmilla » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:40 pm

Have an '01 Rodeo Sport and am considering upgrading the map, dome, door, and dash lights to LEDs. Who has done this, were you happy with the upgrade, and how many of each bulb will I need?

I looked at superbrightleds.com, but it doesn't tell you how many of each bulb I'll need. Did read a lot of comments that said don't buy cheap bulbs. Any other sellers I should look at?


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Re: Who has done an led upgrade on a 2nd gen Rodeo?

Postby batvette » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:52 pm

Not knowing the oem color of second gen nonetheless might mention an unexpected disappointment when I did my 95 passport.
I bought the blue leds for the instruments thinking they would look cool. Well the panel in general did but OEM is green with orange indicators. Illuminated with blue leaves no part of the color spectrum lighting the indicators! Very hard to see. Green lights used the yellow part of their light to make the orange indicators stand out.I am finally getting round to a switch backnto green.
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Re: Who has done an led upgrade on a 2nd gen Rodeo?

Postby brcobb » Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:13 am

I recently upgraded most of the interior lighting (and some exterior lighting) to LEDs. Below is a list of the information I put together and used when I ordered the LEDs. Hopefully, it makes sense. I put it together in a spreadsheet and had to do converting to plain text to make it show correctly.

Light Name, Incandescent Bulb No, LED No, Number of Bulbs Required, LED Color

Headlight, 9003, 9003/H4, 2, White
Front Turn signal Light/FrontSide Marker Light/Parking Light, 1157A, 1157, 2, Amber
Fog Light, H3, H3, 2, White
Rear Turn Signal Light, 1156A, 1156, 2, Amber
Backup Light, 1156, 1156, 2, White
Taillight/Stoplight, 1157, 1157, 2, Red
High Mount Stoplight, 168, 194, 4 (1), Red
License Plate Light (Tailgate type), 168, 194, 1 (2), White
Map Light, 212-2, 578, 2, White
Dome Light, DE3175, DE3175/DE3022 CAN, 1, White
Luggage Room Light, 168, 194,1, White
Courtesy Light, DE3022, DE3175/DE3022 CAN, 4, White
Illumination Lights (Cluster), 168, 194, 4, White

Indicator/Warning Lights
Check Trans, 74, 74, 1, Red
A/T Oil Temp, 74, 74, 1, Red
Cruise Set, 74, 74, 1, Green
Power Drive, 74, 74, 1, Amber
Winter Drive, 74, 74, 1, Green
Turn signal, 74, 74, 2, Green
Upshift 74, 74, 1, Amber
High Beam, 74, 74, 1, Blue
ABS, 74, 74, 1, Amber
Seat Belt, 74, 74, 2, Red
Check Engine, 74, 74, 1, Amber
Low Fuel, 74, 74, 1, Amber
4WD, 74, 74, 1, Green
Oil Pressure, 74, 74, 1, Red
Brake System, 74, 74, 1, Red
Charge, 74, 74, 1, Red
Air Bag, 74, 74, 1, Red

Shift Lever, 74, 74, 1, White
Climate Controls, 74, 74, 2, White

Clock Light, Type A Neo Wedge, Type A Neo Wedge, 1, White

Switch Lights (Cruise, Winter, Power, etc.), Type A Neo Wedge, Type A Neo Wedge, 2/1 per, White

A/C Switch Light, CK1010-5, CK1010-5, 1, Blue
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Re: Who has done an led upgrade on a 2nd gen Rodeo?

Postby Lorenzo99 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:27 am

This is an amazing list, my Rodeo is ALL LED, I mean every lamp is LED includes the headlights! It is a cool upgrade and also will reduce load on the alternator

Be careful - the interior-lights replace with LED are BRIGHT!!! Maybe 5 000% the original xD

You only do this once, maybe the LEDs will last 20 years unless you get a bad one as new

Once I am approved I can post images here of my all LED Rodeo
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