2.6 / 2.3 valve train (edit from "camera test")

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2.6 / 2.3 valve train (edit from "camera test")

Postby DSUZU » Tue May 16, 2017 7:02 pm

So many of us when doing a head gasket simply remove the rockers as an assembly, sit it aside, and then re-install it, adjust the valves ,
and call it good. On my current 2.6 project, I decided to take the whole thing apart, clean it all, and then re-assemble it.
WHOA!!! The bottom side of the rocker shafts take the brunt of the load of the valve train.
0516171838.jpg[/attach;yment] The rockers themselves didn't look all that bad. I turned the shafts over, drilled "new" oil supply holes (5 per shaft and they are NOT hardened steel). Then I made small dimples alongside each hole to assist oil flow (note the slots on the original holes) When I get everything cleaned up and assembled, I'll see how it all works.
Again, this is NOT a recommended repair practice, but I wanted to see how it would work out (I'm hoping the shafts on my other 2.6 are in better shape). If this works out, it may help someone who does not have spare rocker assemblies in the future. We all know that 2.6 parts are getting harder to come by (2.3 should be about the same)
This is a test. [attachment=0]0516171838a.jpg

First time trying to use my phone camera to post a picture. My computer pooped and I've been using my phone this week (PITB, small screen and big fingers). Dennis
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