new to me, 93 trooper ls

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new to me, 93 trooper ls

Postby 93trooperpooper » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:13 pm

hello! this is my first Isuzu, but not my first repair journey. :lol:
-back story on the trooper-

I was talking with a co-worker about buying a Sammy, as I have lots of experience on Suzuki vehicles...-

-so a few days later he calls me and asks me if I have a top post battery, and if so could I bring it over to his house.
so I grabbed a yellow top I have, went over to his house, and he proceeded to install it in the trooper he had sitting in his driveway.
he had me fire it up, started fine. I let it run for a min or two, then shut it off, threw him the keys, and with that he said '' no'',threw them back at me, and said ''its yours''-
REALLY? yup. borrowed a trailer from work and hauled it home.
1993 trooper ls automatic
346,000 km.
oil leaks, under and around engine -needs a good cleaning to find the source(s)
tires n/g, 1 cv boot torn, rear inner door handles not working, smashed rhand mirror lens, cracked windshield, rear abs light on, needs all new steering components, rust around rear wheel wells . lights out in dash, crappy aftermarket cassette deck, squealing belts on engine. damaged headlights, inop foglights.
excellent mechanical condition-it was well maintained.
new shocks all around
all new belts (but still squealing)
good brakes
clean inside, a/c blows cold, good heater, all options seem to work.

its been sitting at my place for almost a year, debating what to do with it.
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Re: new to me, 93 trooper ls

Postby wmorrisiii » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:48 pm

Welcome to the zoo 93, free is a pretty good deal, especially if it is running and shifting. Looks like the work required will take some of your time, but if you've done a Sami or two, you shouldn't have much problem with the Trooper. I would check the frame, rear wheel wells back, closely for rust. If it's bad you don't want to be tossing any money at it. Belt squealing is probably a bad tensioner pulley. You can still find parts in the yards for a second gen trooper and i don't see anything on your list that, other than some seals or gaskets, you can't find used. Since it was free, you got a good starting point.
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