Man I Have Some Questions

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Man I Have Some Questions

Postby PooZu » Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:12 am

Alright--First off great site glad yall put this together and thanks for any and all help.
I picked up a 84 2door LWB trooper. It has A/C and cruise no lie. G200Z 1.9 MSG4 speed and whatever variant the cast iron transfer case is.
I picked this thing up in Waco with a buddy. I had a Uhaul trailer sorted with full intentions of towing it back to East Tx. The guy running the office had other plans that day besides being at work. The Trooper is all set up to flat tow but i didn't have any lights to use for that. My buddy looked at me and said hell let's drive it. K let's roll 3hr drive back at 63 purring and loving it. These things are cool and fun. I picked it up to teach my 14 yr old son to learn stick and off-road enjoyment. Already having fun with it.

All the fun aside it has been somewhat neglected. It was a ranch wagon for some old boys. I am having some trouble finding what fluids are required to service in the trans and transfer case. I figure 85-90w in the diffs. I am concerned about finding some parts for these very early troopers. Where can i find half shafts that do not cost over $300. I may need a carrier bearing shortly. I gave $700 for this thing and want to keep it what it is. I have a Jeep thats pig heavy and one ton'd out. I do not want to do that to this thing. Lower gears in the transfer case would be nice. What i have read the cast iron ones mated to the msg4 have around a 2.0-1 case 3 or lower would be nice. Are you able to swap one of the aluminum variants and run the ind4x gears behind the msg4. I would also like to swap to manual hubs if at all possible for the corporate 8 bolt. I have seen where some folks do a brake upgrade. Is that an easier more cost efficient way to source new half shafts and selectable hubs? 31-9.5's are all i plan to run. I understand swapping motors and mau5s are what a lot of people do but the 1.9 with the stock hitachi is pretty badass. We had a day where it was 19 ambient and some nasty wind the thing fired right up no problem. I don't really want to mess with a good thing. I want my son to enjoy it at least for a while. He will get the bug one day like the rest of us do!!!
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Re: Man I Have Some Questions

Postby paulevans76 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:42 pm

Nice rig!

The MSG and MUA trans' both should have integrated cases, so you'd have to swap the whole shebang over. Wouldn't be a bad thing though. Not sure about the early 4 speed, but the 86 era MSG5's tcase only had ~1.87:1 low range. You could remove the front output on your case, and hang a later model zu tcase (non-integrated on the automatics) off the back of it if you can weld aluminum & fab a fairly simple adapter. Dual cases are probably overkill for what you want to do, though. The later model MUA5 with a 3.07:1 revo gear set should be plenty for moderate off road duty, and the OD would also allow you to hit 70 mph (albeit probably only on a nice long downhill stretch ;) ).
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