6VE1 Performance Parts

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6VE1 Performance Parts

Postby Traah221 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:21 pm

Hello gents,

I have a 2001 Trooper LS that's going to be going under the knife soon, once I get my new workshop set up. The heads are going to be ported and bench flowed, and I will be replacing the valve springs, rockers, measuring the lash, and getting rid of that damn valve noise. Also going to drill out the additional oil drain holes to alleviate the oil burning issue. First question, before I ask Comp Cams to grind me one from scratch, does anyone know of an aftermarket set of cams with a bit more lift and duration? I've seen some Jackaroos out of AUS make some incredible power out of these engines, I simply want a bit more oomph.

I have a good bit of experience with fuel injected engines, built Nissan RB's before, and played with tuning quite a bit. Does anyone know of an aftermarket set of injectors that can directly replace the FJ414's that come stock? I believe the flow rate is around 216CC/min. I'm fabricating a new exhaust with a remote-mounted IHI VF30 turbo, internally wastegated to 6 PSI, right where the stock exhaust collects into a single 3" OD pipe, before the muffler. Ideally, at that boost, I'd like a set of injectors in the 330CC size, to maintain 80% DC and 13.7 AFR. I'll be running a FI-TEC EFI piggyback, a mechanical boost gauge, a wideband O2 sensor, and an adjustable FPR pre-rail.

The truck is purely on-road, lowered, stiffened torsion bars, stiffer coils, I'm not trying to build a race truck, but I want to be able to do a comfortable 85 on the highway without feeling like that poor underfed V6 is going to blow apart. I don't mind the amount of work or cost this all comes across as, my budget comparison for making decent power out of the 6VE1 is cheaper than trading the whole thing in for a newer SUV, especially since I have two running vehicles already. This is simply a project that I want to undertake, since it's uncharted territory.

I really enjoy this truck, it's been unbelievably good to me, and I'd rather spend the time improving it than trading it in. Any comments or questions are much appreciated, I'd like to work through this together with members of this forum!
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Re: 6VE1 Performance Parts

Postby geoffinbc » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:27 am

Well your starting with the best of the V series engine so thats good. Sadly they don't have much support. So your going to have to employ traditional hotrodding here. Get the compression up, improve flow and improve quench. I suggest reading David Vizards "How to Build Horsepower" it dives into dohc porting techniques and has great cam selection advice.
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Re: 6VE1 Performance Parts

Postby dung_beetle » Tue May 16, 2017 4:18 am

I don't know if there is many parts available but there is one here In aus running a stock bottom end a haltech and bruce garlands old cams, and it makes 195rwkw naturally aspirated only revving to 6300, I'm in the process of trackin down an aftermarket computer for mine , I'm going to run a full stock motor but I belive I will make a decent amount more power when I can tune the car
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