An interesting "gun" find at an estate sale

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An interesting "gun" find at an estate sale

Postby N law » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:13 pm

A whole back someone talked about someone breaking into a rental unit and I mentioned using a rat trap with a 12ga hole bored in it to hold a shell and you set a trip wire... Well, someone else informed me that those are called spring or trap guns and are illegal to set.

Fast forward to yesterday when my wife and I went to the well to do neighborhood with big fancy brick homes. We were tooling through the garage and I was admiring all the power tools and other cool gadgets that this guy had. It had some nice stuff and you could find remnants of his projects that proved that he was quite the tinkerer. I went over to a shelf and found a contraption with a big piece of pipe and some levers and springs. I am usually the one to buy this junk and the girls there know it so they give me a hard time and a better price! I started looking it over and when I looked down the tube, I saw the puckered anus of a shotgun shell! :shock: I walked it over to the ladies at the checkout table and said, "I believe this is a trap gun and I think it's loaded," holding it out very gingerly because I didn't know what the trigger system consisted of. The one lady told me I was full of it and don't buy it if I don't want it. I responded with, "there is a 12ga shell down in this pipe," and tried to show her. She refused so I took a picture and she freaked.

Apparently kids had been playing with all of the stuff on that shelf earlier that day. We grabbed a pipe wrench and unscrewed the barrel and sure enough, it was loaded. She told me to put it behind the table so no one would get hurt, but I said screw that! I'm buying it!!!

I ended up getting it for $2.25 because they like me. It turns out that there was a nail for a firing pin that was not in place, so that's good, but still! I don't anticipate setting a trap, but it was so nicely done that I couldn't pass it by. I figure for special events it could shoot blanks like the touchdown canons. And if the zombie apocalypse occurs, I'll have an alarm and the first one down!

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Re: An interesting "gun" find at an estate sale

Postby Hack » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:03 am

Great find. Glad no one got hurt.

I can see that contraption being left loaded, but it is amazing how many old guns are also loaded. About a year back, Shaggy was examining a Marlin 60 for sale and noticed that there was a round in the chamber.

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Re: An interesting "gun" find at an estate sale

Postby wmorrisiii » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:39 pm

Now that is a dangerous little piece of engineering!

Price was right though....
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Re: An interesting "gun" find at an estate sale

Postby DSUZU » Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:01 pm

Truly scary. ANY gun is to be considered loaded until you have personally checked the chamber. More people are hurt by "unloaded" guns. I remember many years ago seeing something in a book about a warning device used by our troops in Vietnam. It consisted of a piece of pipe and a pipe cap, a nail or screw fixed into the center of the pipe cap somehow, a 7.62 round, a spring and 2 cotter pins. The top cotter pin held the top of the spring, the spring pushed down on the round, which was held up by the second cotter pin. A trip wire was attached to the second cotter pin, and the wire pulled the pin, which caused the round to be snapped down by the spring against the nail, which fired the round alerting everyone of an intrusion in the perimeter. Never did try it :D . Dennis
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