A 2-Stroke Victory

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A 2-Stroke Victory

Postby Tad » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:20 pm

I have a small set of 2-stroke equipment: Weed Wacker, Chainsaw, Tiller and a pair of leaf blowers. None of these get much use over the course of the year. The most any of them get used is the primary blower during leaf season. (the other one is a crummy back pack blower that I only use if someone else is using the hand-held). I used to have little problem with them all as long as I was sure to run them out of gas at the end of the year. That changed a few years ago now that we can't get non-ethanol gas around here. I've tried all of the stabilizers that I can find, and can keep the fuel somewhat fresh but it's been a loosing battle. I used to buy a one gallon gas tank, which I would Stabalize as soon as I got home from the station, and then I would add synthetic 2-stroke mix to it. Come October I would mix what was left with 3 gallons of non 2-stroke gas and run it through the tractor. Gummed up carbs, nasty tanks and just generally poor running had been a way of life and I had basically given up on small equipment. I even bought a 12-volt electric chainsaw that I can run from the diesel tractor or the car.

Anyway, I found something that worked for me this year: I bought my 2-stroke gasoline on Amazon. I've been using the TruFuel pre-mixed gasoline, and with Amazon prime it ships to me for free. While it is expensive (for gasoline) it easily saves me that much in carb cleaner in a year and it's hard to price the frustration of picking up something and having it not run properly.

To talk about the cost for a minute, it's about $23/gallon. Way higher than pump gas. Considering I usually use less than a gallon per year the overall cost for use isn't that high. After I started using it, Joe suggested that I start with normal gas and use it for as long as I can and then just empty the tank and restart it with TruFuel to ensure that's what is in it when it is stored. I tried that just recently. I had gas that I bought this summer and treated. I was running the TruFuel and ran low. I topped off the tank and kept running the leaf blower. It appeared to run ok. Then I shut it off and it cooled down while I did something else. When I went to restart it it was a real bear to get started. It also didn't want to run without partial choke. This was fairly fresh gas! I dumped it out of the tank and filled it back up with TruFuel in frustration. I figured I had a carb cleaning ahead of me. Aside from taking a few extra pulls to start it was back up and purring along as it had that morning. It was a relief and I had the sad realization that despite the cost, TruFuel was likely to be my future. I have used that blower several times since and it starts up and purrs as much as any 2-stroke could be expected to.

Hopefully this saves someone else some frustration as well.

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Re: A 2-Stroke Victory

Postby Hack » Tue Nov 03, 2015 12:09 am

Tad, that is an interesting solution but I have another for you. Join us on a GWNF run, bring a 5 gal can and fill it up at one of the stations that is still selling real gas. typically it only goes for about 20 cents more per gal than E-10.

BTW: Your toboggan is still sitting in my garage.

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Re: A 2-Stroke Victory

Postby Darby » Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:23 am

Sounds like a better solution for you would be lithium battery powered tools. They make some really powerful ones today. If the run time isn’t long enough, you can always buy an extra battery. They’re a little pricey, but they sure are a lot less trouble than gas power.
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Re: A 2-Stroke Victory

Postby Von » Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:14 am

Wow, you REALLY CAN buy anything on Amazon. Except a locker for a 23 spline Dana 70.

I've given up on 2 strokes. Went 110v on weedeater, blower and chainsaw and invested in extension cords...
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Re: A 2-Stroke Victory

Postby N law » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:19 pm

I had trouble with a 2 stroke weed eater a few years back. It would only run mediocrely at half throttle. I ordered a carb kit and cleaned and replaced everything, but still had issues. As I read further into everything, I found out that the EPA has buckled down on 2 strokes and forced the manufacturers to LEAN out the settings to tightest settings that could run and then restrict the ability for the end user to richen them back out. I looked at my weed eater and the carb adjustment screws were there, but they were in deep recesses and with funny shaped heads (like a pac-man or a D shape). After I replaced it, I chipped the pot metal away and turned the adjustment screw 1/8 turn and it ran again like a champ!

I have since found a screw driver set that will let me adjust them more easily and I've been able to richen everything a little bit. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DQA ... ge_o07_s00

I still try to run only 100% gas through them and run them dry!
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