WANTED: front drive shaft bolt 1999-2004

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WANTED: front drive shaft bolt 1999-2004

Postby ofg » Sat May 13, 2017 12:59 pm

Hi folks. I need a small specif part from a TOD equipped car. IM needing a bolt for the front drive shaft, where it connects to the front diff. There are 6 of them. I dont know if other diff / drive shaft bolts are the same.

The 1 in question is m10 fine pitch, torx head, and approx 44mm thread length. Its a very specific bolt for the application. I have mine patched together with a similar bolt, but its not the correct weight! My drive shaft is off balance slightly. Driving in town is fine, but highway speeds causes a noticeable humming vibe,, and that could lead to a cracked diff housing, or TOD transfer case,, or could ruin the bearings that carry the drive shaft on either end.

Ive searched the net for a replacement,, but have come to believe that just getting a used correct part would be easier. I just cant find an exact replacement from any supplier.

Anybody got these parts? Ill buy all 6, or 3, or just 1.... Hopefully the assembly is not custom balanced. I figure replacing 1 should work,, but perhaps 3 or all 6 might be needed to achieve correct balance. What ever works.

I can be reached at rccars4sal at yahoo dot com

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