I think we need a chart

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Re: I think we need a chart

Postby fern0714 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:05 am

I just put old man emu 2929 coil springs cranked my torsion 7 360's put 17 by 8 Tuff T01 rims with a +20 offset 285/70/17 no rub no mod 1998 isuzu trooper.
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Re: I think we need a chart

Postby MRA » Mon May 08, 2017 8:32 pm

here is a neat calculator using tire and wheel size offset and backspace it compares one to another...including how far out new combo will go compared to old. suspension, fender, wheelwell clearances and speedometer changes


fyi my research shows:
1990 1st gen gen trooper 15" steel wheels probably have about 5" backspace i have not measured or weighed them...
15" snowflakes 7" rim 0 offset thus backspace 4" not 3.75" used vernier caliper. weight about 17 pounds
16" snowflakes 7.5 " rim, -5 offset, 4.1 backspace about 18.3 pounds.

I have a 1990 trooper 2.8 gas and stock steel rims with 30 -9.5 -15 tires.
I want to go to a slightly smoother riding tire as my only off-roading is limited to dirt and washboard roads and potholes in paved roads. the road I use the most is supposed to be paved by the end of the year (which year?)

thinking of 265-75-15 on 15" snowflakes, concerned they might stick out too far, have mudflaps. suggestions?
1990 trooper 2.8 gas 5sp 4x4 wanting to go back to TBI from previous owner carb.
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Re: I think we need a chart

Postby m_force » Tue May 16, 2017 3:51 pm

Not sure if someone already contributed an image but 1991 Trooper 2.8 with no lift and 265/75/16

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