Possible torsion crank? And needing new tires

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Possible torsion crank? And needing new tires

Postby 93stormtrooper » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:59 pm

I bought a 93 trooper about a year and a half ago and the po put goodyear authority mt 245/75r16 on it. It's about time I start looking for new tires and I'm looking at the 255/85, 285/7, and 265/75. The issues I'm having is the rim width for the 285, the availability of the 255, and the size of the 265. I'm really leaning towards the 33 inch tires. I always had the feeling that my front end rode higher than the back so I measured it and sure enough it's riding at 34.75 and the back is at 33.75, unloaded. So I'm guessing the po did a torsion crank and never messed with the rear? Either way my concerns with the 285 are the safety of running them on stock rims and them rubbing from their width. Also looking into adding springs to the rear, I think moog cc784 was what I read in another post. Any others that might work other than the
ome 919 & 929? Also are there any rims on the market that are 16x8 that have the same bs at the stock rim? Everything I have found is running 0 or negative, if I'm correct isn't stock bs like +38?
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Re: Possible torsion crank? And needing new tires

Postby egagnon086 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:22 am

You should be fine with just 265/75s on a stock set up. Others may chime in for the bigger ones but from personal experience the 265/75s will work ok in a stock form.
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Re: Possible torsion crank? And needing new tires

Postby totten » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:20 pm

New springs or 2"coil spacers on rear. I agree with Egagnon086 on tire size 265/75/16. Should look good and sit at 35.75 r,34.75f . :!:
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