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Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:59 pm
by Von
Nah, no nerves got hit.
I do need to do some research on the HEIs for Fords. Until recently I didn't know anyone made those, need to see how they perform

The 351w will probably get an HEI too. IF I rebuild it.. still debating. My wife wants to run the Fairlane at the track. The 289 that's in it is the original engine. I was planning on pulling the 289 and setting it aside, build the 351 for her to play with till she knocks a hole in the block. I'd rather she didn't knock a hole in the original block. depends on the monies... may just have to go with the 289.

Like you said... Fords are expensive.. I went through 3 big block Fords in a jet boat years ago. I built them on the cheap and still spent about 10 grand. Big chunk of that was machine work and 1 crank shaft. ... I should have kept that last engine and thrown the boat away. It was a badass.

That's funny your brother got better MPG. Might keep Mallory's stuff in mind too. Changing ignitions seems to be the only way to improve MPG on those things. Read tons and tons of posts about people trying to get better mileage. Some went to the trouble and expense of finding AOD transmissions.. and then got worse gas mileage. They were designed to rev at 3k or 4k on the highway, all day long. ... I guess they all were back before overdrive transmissions.
When I bought that 76 Ranchero GT with the 460 and drove it home from Oklahoma City, i ran 75 to 85 MPH the whole way and got 11 MPG... about twice what I was expecting with 3.55 gears and a 3 speed trans... that engine sounded soooo sweet. I could hear anything when I got home.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:50 pm
by bradzuzu
The nice thing about hei as you know is that it's one wire , two if you hook up a tac :)

I have an f350 , it's a 94 and the last of the old school 7.3's (late 94's got the power stroke and mine received a turbo and larger wrist pins) ...

An earlier comment about ford changing things around on there engines reminded me of my dads f150 (01 if I remember) , Tristan v8 ... Thing ran and towed good , changing the plugs sucked royaly, then I got to the brake job ... Front was easy , the rear axle was 3 different possibilities for shoes ... I figured that new of a truck wouldn't be an issue anymore but I was enlightened !!

My wife likes to run my buggy hard and fast , I told her to keep it in second and when I let her take me out we hit the flats and she shifted it into drive haha , I yelled slow down women !! No speedo but man I garrontee it was close to 90.. probly the only place she'd go that fast ..

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:03 am
by Von
bradzuzu wrote:The nice thing about hei as you know is that it's one wire , two if you hook up a tac :)

I have an f350 , it's a 94 and the last of the old school 7.3's (late 94's got the power stroke and mine received a turbo and larger wrist pins) ...

An earlier comment about ford changing things around on there engines reminded me of my dads f150 (01 if I remember)

Stick with that 94, last of the good Ford pickups. They got plumb stupid after that. I had a 93 F350 with the 7.3. great truck. We had a 97 F150 that we got for the oldest boy when he got his drivers license. It had TONS of miles on it, 325k I believe, and the engine still ran great. the Tritons are great engines until you need to work on them. Major PITA. We replced the plugs and some coil packs on the 97 and it was awful.
If the heater core on your dad's 01 goes out... bypass it. Then wait till summer and SELL that sucker! Sell it! We replaced the heater core on the 97 ourselves. I burned a week of vacation time doing that. A shop owner we know said on those he puts 3 guys on it and it takes a good 5 days. You gotta take the dash out, all the way to the firewall. The dash, frame, duct work, wiring harness... EVERYTHING except the steering column. I think they started with the heater core and built the rest of the truck around it.
.. I tried like hell to find a short cut... no go.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:24 pm
by Von
That intermittent fuel pump problem is still haunting me. I replaced the original ignition switch a while back and it helped... only did it every few weeks. The pump would just not come on... pull over and prime with the keyed switch, start up and go till the bowl runs dry again. It'd do that 4 or 5 times and then kick in.

Tuesday night I was getting ready for a shower before bed, brushing my teeth and started the shower running. Got in the shower and the water was still cold... yup, water heater was dead. It's a Whirlpool 40 gallon natural gas with the Honeywell gas valve. Jacked with it till about 1am and determined the thermocouple was bad. And the thermocouple used with the Honeywell/Whirlpool combo is an oddball. Nobody local carries anything like that. And I couldn't find a part number for it either. left a voicemail for the boss saying I wouldn't be in the next day, heated up some water on the stove and got a quick spongebath then went to bed.

In the morning I pulled the burner assembly out, looked online for a while and still couldn't find a thermocouple. Took the burner to a few appliance parts stores and, of course, as soon as they saw the assembly they'd stop me before I even got to the counter... Nope, we don't carry Whirlpool parts.

so.... Even if I can find a part number... wait a week for it to come in... nope. We're not living in the Zombie Apocalypse yet. My wife is NOT going to take sponge baths for a week. (actually we'd be getting a hotel room for a week... ) So I bought a new water heater. One WITHOUT the Honeywell gas valve.

I don't know how old the other water heater was. Not ancient... rest of it looked to be in decent shape. So I put it up on Craigslist explaining what was wrong with it, asked $100 or trade for tools or firewood. I figured some slum lord would take it as a spare for a rent house. Got a reply offering firewood Thursday night, arranged a meet Friday morning. Take off with the water heater in the back of the truck and it dies a block later. Prime carb, take off, dies a block later... and so on. And it WOULD NOT kick in. Took a half hour to make it 1 mile. text the guy and told him I'd be a minute. I was 2 miles from him and needed to splice a couple of wires together to get back on the road. ..... he said he was packing up and going home, maybe later or when it warms up... I bypassed the oil pressure switch and wired the pump relay trigger straight to the ignition switch. Fired right up and ran great. Yes, must revisit fuel pump wiring again.

AND... while I was posting crap on Craigslist... I'd been looking for a C6 transmission with the FE bolt pattern to run behind the 390 I haven't even rebuilt yet... mostly just getting a sense of availability and cost. A lot harder to find than the 700R4 was. Closest one I found was a core in Plano TX. Trans shops here want $750 to rebuild a C6... Or pay $550 plus with shipping from an ebay salvage yard. I have no faith in salvage yard warranties, and not when shipping is involved in the claim..
I posted an ad in the wanted section, ISO a working C6 or FMX trans for an FE. Could also use a standard trans but would also need other parts off the donor vehicle, I have no clutch pedal assembly or linkages. (some dummy sold the clutch pedal assembly)

Well, yesterday evening I got a hit. Local. 1971 F250, 360 and 4 speed. $500. he bought it a couple of months ago, now it's cold and he doesn't wanna mess with it. he was told it ran when parked 9 months ago. hmmm...

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:36 pm
by Von
Ain't she a beaut!




Might keep the shifter handle.

I put a battery in it and gave it shot of ether and drove it off the trailer and into the shop. I guess there's still some gas in the tank... and the gauge doesn't work. I had to make some adjustments to the bailing wire that comprises about half the carb linkage, she was idling kinda high... like screaming. And there was almost as much gas leaking out of the carb as there was going through it. And blue smoke... LOTS of blue smoke.

Definitely a farm truck. bailing wire everywhere. Wires twisted together, not even any electrical tape on them.

So the poor Fairlane gets pushed aside again.... Not for long though. I'll pull everything I might need off the truck and scrap the rest. Then get back on the Fairlane.
It has the T-18 4 speed. Nothing felt hinky in it.
I was thinking about making a trailer out of the back of the F250 to sell... but there's no tail gate. And around here old truck bed trailers go for $200 or $300 with tail gates. And I'd have to rewire the whole thing... The ignition wiring appears to be the only part of the harness that wasn't butchered.

I think it has a Dana 60 back there. may just pull that for resell.. or spare.. or something..

And the bench seat is in astonishingly good condition, considering what the rest of the truck looks like. may go bench in the M715.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:04 pm
by Von
After unloading the truck I parked my truck and Randall's trailer on the street in front of my shop. The trailer is a little wide so I angled it up into the driveway a little. Was going to take it back to Randall's the next day.
About 12:30 or so The dogs start freaking out and then the doorbell rings. I can see flashlights whipping around and hear radios... the coppers! WTH... what did those idiots do now?

Somebody had clipped the back tire on Randall's trailer. It popped his tire and woke the neighbor up, they called the cops. The tires stuck out just a little past the fenders. Tandem axle setup. Popped the tire, bent the aluminum wheel a little, snapped the hub off the axle and broke the hanger thingy between the front and rear leafs.

Also found these laying around the scene. Fender flare and some bits of aluminum wheel that didn't come off the trailer.

A buddy of Josh's had left his 06 Chevy pickup parked out front an I noticed the flare is a perfect match for this one. So whoever did it had a 03 to 06 ish Chevy pickup, Tahoe or Suburban with a missing flare and running on the spare...

Called Randall the next day... one of the hardest calls I've ever made that didn't involve a death... I hate being That Guy that borrows stuff and tears it up. I've know too many of Those Guys and like to return stuff in as good or better shape than when I picked it up. I would be understanding if the roles were reversed, and so was Randall. But that's beside the point... still kicking myself, I borrowed it and it was my responsibility to care for it.

After calling him I posted the flare pic on FB and the hunt began. I didn't call for retribution or anything... just wanted whoever it was to step up and hope they had insurance.

I was at work the next day, went to lunch and got a text from my wife. Randall and his wife were on their way over to check it out and he spotted a white Suburban 2 blocks from my house with the right front flare missing and the spare mounted... They took a pic and went on to my house. they called the cops from there.
When they showed they had to take new statements and make a new case number... the cops from the night it happened had assumed I did it and was just trying to make a cover story or engage in insurance fraud or something. He deleted the case number.

Then they took the flare off my porch and went to the guys house. Asked him if he knew anything about it and he denied it... then they got the flare from their car showed it to him... fessed up then. He got a ticket for leaving the scene or hit and run, and Randall got his insurance information.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:15 pm
by Von
I had quite a bit of overtime leading up to Christmas shut down at the plant. Not much time to play with the old Ford.
We were going to my Mother in Law's on Christmas Eve but the oldest boy had to hang back because he was on call that day. After 7pm he could leave. But he didn't trust his Caddy to make the trip... and his driver's license is suspended... so borrowing my car wasn't going to work... so my wife and the youngest left that morning and I hung out till Brayden was cleared to go or had to work... what to do, what to dooo?

I could get the old Ford ready to yank the engine and trans!




Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:20 pm
by Von
A lot of the bolts were so rusted up... got fed up and grabbed the sawzall and cutoff grinder..




Easy access. I was having a blast...

Sent my wife a pic of the cab roof and told her it was a new coffee table. She wasn't amused.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:24 pm
by Von
Between working a lot of overtime and my cherry picker still being AWOL, the donor trans and engine have looked like this for a while...

When Collin borrowed my cherry picker he was just using it to unload an engine out of one of his pickups and bring it back the next day. I made the mistake of telling him there was no hurry. That gave him time to find other uses for it. I told him last week I needed it back and it's in his driveway holding a 12v Cummins in the engine bay of a square body dually he's working on. No motor mounts, no gas for his welder, it's cold, blah blah blah....

anyway... overtime tomorrow and wanted to get that engine and trans off the frame so I can haul the rest of that truck off on my next day off. Frame, front suspension and rear bumper is all that's left. Kept the Dana 60 rear end.

Needed to get the T-18 out of the way. I found that an old 390 camshaft was the right height to support the back of the engine. And a chunk of 4x4 tubing resting on the drag link... as you can see when the trans isn't blocking the view.



Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:44 pm
by Von
Then the engine.
Couldn't use the lift to pull it up like I did with the Fairlane because the Fairlane is on the lift. Well, guess I COULD have... but the logistics of moving it under the lift...
I've been thinking about materials on hand for a week or so. Came down to either a couple of old rusty clothes line poles or the cut up frame of the F250.
Tacked this mess together.

.. a little sketchy.. but it worked. Josh came out to bum a smoke. Soon as I started pulling the engine up he hauled ---.... thanks bud..

Gotta make some room in the shop.. wrap some of this stuff up.
My brother in law (the one that bought the CJ last year).. at Christmas he was telling me about taking it to his cousin in law's shop in Missouri for a paint job. They're going to pull the body and work on it, he'll go back and fetch the frame. Wanted to know if I'd help him put a lift kit on it. Nothing crazy, just enough to get 33's under it. 2 1/2 inches ought to do it. Other than the occasional empty field with mild hills on it, the thing will probably never get off road. So wheel travel with the 33's isn't really an issue.

I told him there's not much to a lift kit, a little labor, easy peasy. But he's totally out of his element. Not knocking him for it... it's a temporary condition..
He is one of the most intelligent people I know. Really intelligent, not just book smarts. The company he works for recruited him and paid for his masters degree in England... where he developed an enormous appetite for fancy schmancy beer.. And he's a skilled carpenter. Beautiful work. After telling me how much working on cars intimidates him.. he's just never done it, the man that raised him and my wife never did that, took all their vehicles to a shop for everything.. but after telling me that he was talking about a planter he built. he was a little bored and had an extra 20 minutes and some lumber laying around. He "just slapped it together". Multi tiered planter about 4 feet high for growing spices and such. And it looked great! If I'd built it, it would have taken 2 or 3 days and looked like crap. And it would have fallen apart.
.. so he'll catch up quick on the automotive work.

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:32 am
by bradzuzu
Any more on that hit and run ? I'd be up that guys --- !! Man that was a hard hit to rip the spindle clean off , what a butt face !!

Funny how when you want something done you get it done quick and get creative !! You sure are making good headway ...

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:05 pm
by Von
bradzuzu wrote:Any more on that hit and run ? I'd be up that guys --- !! Man that was a hard hit to rip the spindle clean off , what a butt face !!

Funny how when you want something done you get it done quick and get creative !! You sure are making good headway ...

Disassembly! Destruction! My favorite part of any project!

Yeah, Butthead has insurance and Rockin Randall is dealing with them. IF the insurance pays out enough, he might repair that trailer and sell it, then buy himself another trailer. He asked if I'd be interested in buying it.... Nah, that POS has been wrecked!

Re: Reviving the M715, Chevy 350/700r4

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:29 pm
by Von
Got the rest of the old Ford cut up and hauled off. Kept the coil springs... I don't know why.. I'll find a use for them some day. Springs fascinate me, I always keep those.

Moved some stuff around, did some sweeping, pretty much just goofed off. One day off so didn't want to open up the Fairlane's 289 or start chopping floor pans out. Oh, rewound the cable on my winch... it was a MESS! All wadded up on one side of the spindle...

My wife got me a TV for the shop for Christmas. I put that up a while back and found a use for the springs off the F250 hood hinges while I was at it.


Ran cable out there, quick and dirty... that'll last until my wife notices how it's strung between the house and the shop.. "That looks trashy! Can't you bury it or something?"

Got a mini (or is it micro) HDMI to HDMI cable to string between the TV and my Kindle Fire. Tested it by listening to Mark Levin's show on his app. Didn't think the Wi-Fi from the house would reach out there that good.