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Postby nctrooper87 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:25 pm

Howdy yall - i am in the beginning stages of hooking up my former DD 1997 Trooper to be a incredible offroad machine - that is as incredible as my budget will allow so hopefully over time pretty great. Currently that means I am trying to figure out if I want a 'lincoln locker' or a mini spool. And what type of diy bedliner will do best for the gutted interior, hood and eventually rocker panels. And I am tire hunting - testing the waters between going to 15s or sticking with my factory 16s - trying to stuff as much rubber under there as I can without any lift, though I dont mind trimming fenders and would love to find a 2-3" body lift kit. This things has to remain streetable enough to drive occasionally as a back up vehicle or for hauling trash off on saturdays but I am not too concerned with that.

Soooo I am looking for a sticky or something with the rundown on things like differentials and tire sizes. I think mine has the 10 bolt 'corporate' rear end, and I am having lots of trouble finding a mini spool for it.

I am going to test adding pics also. Today I did my first 'mod' (lol) - removing the rear carpet. :lol:

carpet out of back.jpg
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Re: new on here

Postby Hack » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:49 am

Welcome to the Planet.

If you have a 1997, then you have a 12 bolt rear and a 10 bolt front.

The options on the front are an ARB air locker or a lunch box locker (e.g., Lockright or Aussie). The ARB is the preferred but much more expensive option. I have an Aussie. Aussies used to be sold by Independent4x but I am not sure that they are still available, although some pop up in the Classified section from time to time. There is a brand of lunch box lockers called the Lokka, but I have no experience with them, although their website claims they are the same as the Aussies.

Before you do anything to the rear, check your option plate. If you have a G80, there is a limited slip rear differential. Personally, I would stick with the LSD but if you decide to "upgrade", be sure to save it since there is a market for lsd third members. Your options for the rear are welding (if you don't mind the ride and tire wear on pavement), the ARB or the Aussie. Again, the ARB is the preferred but expensive option and the hard to find lunchbox lockers.

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