Flooding 89 4cylinder

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Flooding 89 4cylinder

Postby James Peery » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:23 pm

Hey all,

First time posting, but I've been using ya'lls advice for about year.

My 89 2.6 trooper is having trouble starting. It's giving every indication that it's flooding black out the tail pipe and a stronger fuel smell).. To keep it short I can start it with the fuel pump relay out and then before it runs out of fuel I can catch the idle by plugging in the fuel pump relay and I'm golden and the engine purs. Not sure what happened.

The back story.
Got the trooper with bad compression a year ago and have since done this:
Valve job
New fuel pump and cleaned tank
New fuel lines from tank
New plugs, wires, Dcap, rotor button
New fpr
New coolant temp sensor

Leading up to the issue I had unsuccessfully done an injector swap because of a leaking injector which led to multiple times of me breaking the engine down and redoing the O rings. The last time I put it back to test it I didn't put the entire air intake back on to test it for leaks. Started great with no leaks. Turned it off to put the rest of the air intake in and then to pull out of the garage, but nothing. Would turn over and do everything like it should, but just wouldn't start. There is fire to the plugs, but Plugs were soaking wet with gas. I have since swapped the fpr again to see it that is the issue but no luck. Seems to be something electrical since I can "control" it with the fuel pump relay. Leaving it overnight allowed me to successfully start it without having to do the fuel pump relay stuff I talked about above. The injectors don't seems to be stuck open as I can hear them clicking well when I put a screw driver and ear to them. Im thinking vacuum hoses or a bad sensor, but other forums seemed to suggest that a vacuum leak wouldn't be The culprit. Thoughts?
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