Looking at buying 2002 rodeo with fancy ride option

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Looking at buying 2002 rodeo with fancy ride option

Postby nhancews » Tue May 16, 2017 1:56 pm

Hi guyes newbie here, I'm looking at buying a 2002 rodeo with the electronic ride option, 130,000 miles in really good shape. It has abs light on, shock light on, it's showing codes p1340 and p1153 bank2 sensor 1. It's been siting for a couple of months but starts up right away. It seems a little sluggish but then I'm use to a man v8 . One more thing I tried the sunroof, it opened but wouldn't close. The seller wants is prepared to do $1800 on an original $2600 ask. What are you opinions, thoughts and cost estimates for fixing. Is it worth it. One owner from new clean car fax.
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Re: Looking at buying 2002 rodeo with fancy ride option

Postby Buster28 » Tue May 16, 2017 4:33 pm

The electronic ride option did not do much to improve the ride and replacement shocks are not available. The ABS only works in about half of 2nd gen Rodeo's still on the Road. DTC P1340 is an ION Sensing Ignition Module Cylinder ID Fault, this difficult problem to troubleshoot and in some cases indicates the engine is running on three cylinders in one bank. DTC P1153 indicates a problem with the Air/Fuel ratio on Bank 2, probably as the result of the problem causing P1340. If you really want the truck carefully check the frame for rot around the rear trailing arms and the panhard bar mount. Imho $1800 is too much for the vehicle because of the engine problem, offer $1200.
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