Rodeo issues 02 v6

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Rodeo issues 02 v6

Postby RoadyCoyote » Thu May 11, 2017 10:57 pm

Bare with me as I try and explain my issue I'm having.
I drove to work - no problem.

Leaving work, a few miles down the road, my battery light and brake light came on the dash. I had a loose terminal on battery so thought nothing of it coming undone.
Further down the road, my head lights were in fully lit with high beams on with me clicking them and no high beam indicator.

A few more miles down everything went back to normal and the battery and brake light came on.
Next, my power drive, winter drive, cruise control, and high beams turned on, car jolted, and Rpms shot up.
Back to normal
Happened again later.

As I pulled in my driveway, did it again except Rpms, and speedometer bounced like a fun house and finally quick to 0 but car remained to drive fine this entire time.
Shut car off and now it won't dare turn over.

I know that could be a lot, I hope I explained it well enough to give you and idea. Any help would be appreciated. 02 rodeo sport v6 is now currenty dead
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Re: Rodeo issues 02 v6

Postby Buster28 » Fri May 12, 2017 5:23 am

When the Battery Charge lamp and the the Brake Warning lamp are both illuminated at the same time it means the Alternator is not charging. The Alternator voltage regulator needs a voltage level reference from the battery to function, therefore, a loose battery terminal affects the operation of the Alternator. Additionally, when engine is running the Alternator is providing the current to operate the vehicle, if the Alternator is not working the battery has to supply the electrical system. When the the battery voltage gets lower than 8 Vdc the PCM ("engine computer") and ignition system quit working and the engine shuts down. You need to fix the loose connection and recharge the battery.
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